New Zealand is famous for growing world-class cherries – with pristine, fertile soils, the perfect drop of rainfall and warm sunshine surrounded with fresh country air; it’s the perfect natural environment for our Cherri™ orchards.

We have plantings in both Hawke’s Bay and Otago for a longer supply window and mitigate risk from weather events, meaning that our customers can enjoy more cherries for longer.

All our cherries are hand-picked and packed locally with care, they must meet strict quality standards before achieving ‘Cherri™’ status, this ensures we meet our ‘premium’ promise.

Fans can indulge with confidence that their cherries have been grown, washed and packed under Global GAP standards. Once packed they’re shipped out ASAP via air freight to ensure they are delivered firm, fresh and juicy!

Our Orchards

Watch our feature video below to get an insight into our Central Otago cherry harvest along with a taste of some of the stunning Central Otago landscapes that our cherry orchards are nestled within.